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And did any of those blown foul calls, or all of them in these reports, radically shift what could have been in the season?

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And in the case of Zarba — who will be calling his sixth NBA Finals over the next week — that may come back to haunt the Warriors or Raptors. First, who are the referees that are being reviewed in these reports? This means that, when he oversaw games as part of a team of referees, there was at least one bad non-foul call in every game, with a second one in every fourth game.

Ed Malloy, who is one of the refs that will work the NBA Finals this year, is notably at the top of the list for incorrect non-calls per game, averaging 2. While Kirkland ranks comfortably among the extensive list of referees , Zarba is right in the bottom, and Tiven ranked second to last.

That means they fall under the refs who recognize fouls more than incorrectly "letting the players play," according to the NBA's self-analysis. Kirkland also holds the dis honor of being a part of officiating teams that had at least one incorrect call post All-Star break.

Jerry Rigged or Jury Rigged – Which is Correct? - Writing Explained

If Robin Lopez never gets to the line due to that blown call, never hits that one free throw, and all other points remain constant, the game goes into overtime and the Bulls may not have won. That means the 76ers could have ended the season with 53 wins instead of That one game was also a Bulls contest; specifically, it was the Bulls against the Atlanta Hawks in a quadruple overtime slugfest. That incorrect call came with a little over 16 seconds left to play in the fourth overtime So, what does this data tell us?

That's 3, calls, with the majority of them — 2, — being correct non-calls. Because in auditing itself, the NBA is looking at every single conceivable point in the last two minutes when a foul can be called, especially when it comes to personal fouls. That brings us back to the personal foul, the most common foul type in this sport.

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When defending a shot, it's pretty difficult to avoid making contact with the opposing player. And, in the last two minutes of a game, personal contact needs to be made intentionally to prolong the game. While personal fouls are the most common foul type looked at in these last Two Minute Reports, the most common incorrect call is for offensive fouls. As seen above, offensive fouls are difficult to get right, according to these reports.

In post-All Star Break regular season games, there were double the incorrect offensive calls than correct ones. Travelling, a call where possession changes without a foul being assessed to a player, has a unique foul analysis profile: after all personal foul types, travelling is the most common non-call and foul call. What's more interesting, though, is the distribution.

In the Last Two Minute Reports we studied, there were 7 correct calls, 14 incorrect calls, 31 correct non-calls, and 13 incorrect non-calls. In other words, travelling has become the "is it a catch? As we said in our prelude, James Harden was fuming in this year's playoffs about how the officials called his game.

Jerry Rigged or Jury Rigged – Which is Correct?

These are the same refs that saw him play all throughout the regular season, and he also appears on the Last Two Minute Reports as both a player who gets fouled And one who commits them often. First, Harden as the victim, or in other words, the "Disadvantaged Player. That superstar usually has to go to the foul line often, as the opposing team wants that player to take free throws, an unguaranteed two points, instead of an easy two-pointer or a three-point dagger. This is called "Hack-a-Shaq", named after star center and notoriously bad free throw shooter Shaquille O'Neil.

How bad was he?

So bad that he became meme material. Before that signature thumbs up, Coach Greg Popovich instructed one of his players to foul Shaq mere seconds into a game. In late game situations, Harden was among the elite players who teams tried to pester. They fouled him often, as seen in the chart below, which lead to correct calls he got to the free throw line, in most cases or incorrect calls he didn't, but he should not have. That wound up being a bad strategy, however; Harden made Meanwhile, apply this fouling strategy to a In terms of players in the NBA Finals, Kahwi stands as the lone target Kevin Durant is still out for Game One with at least one reviewable foul being called for him a game.

But, what he doesn't admit is that he also causes the most fouls that don't get called. In other words, in the last two minutes of the nine games we looked at, he committed four fouls that should have been called. That's double the number of fouls that NBA Finalist Draymond Green, who is notorious for being a defensive enforcer, committed during this part of the season. This breaks from a usual narrative that James Harden has: the flopper. ESPN wrote one feature on how he could draw fouls like an Oscar nominee, with several of the league's players agreeing with his expertise.

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In other words, at least two times a game, Harden tried to draw a foul and didn't get it, or the league looked at personal contact made between him and another player, but concluded it was rightly not called a foul. Kind of. That's three a game, which is one of the worst in the league, but considering he also gets the most calls for him in general, this basically means that the Raptors trust him to have the ball in his hands during the last two minutes of a close game.

The Playoffs are, of course, the Playoffs. Harden, Kyrie, and everyone else get a fresh start despite the calls they did or didn't get since October, and that regular season record doesn't really matter anymore. What matters are those Playoff calls and non-calls, right? This question puts us into a rabbit hole here.

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  7. We could go back and replay every one of those regular season games with every conceivable correct foul call, which may alter the course of the Playoffs itself by drastically changing the seeding of teams, should there be enough change in the results. The 76ers and Bulls game that Courtney Kirkland called had that one incorrect call.

    And may have gone into their game against the Rockets two nights later with more momentum. But of course, this is only looking at the last part of this year's regular season. What if we looked at all the games for this regular season? What about seasons past, all the way to the first year that the NBA did these reports? We are well aware that our data isn't complete; we only counted the games following the All-Star break heading into the Playoffs. I lost to some asshole that only wore a bedsheet,that was so fucking rigged! A claim made to set up an excuse for looming failure. If I lose it's because this whole election is rigged.

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